Midlands EIT recently completed the construction of a safe simulated environment for Flavious Mareka FET college.

Soon after the completion of their training plant, Midlands was approached by Sasol to refurbish their own simulation plant. The refurbishment entailed shifting the Sasol simulator from a monitoring platform and redesigning it to be more interactive and realistic, aligning the simulator with Sasols actual operations as well reflecting Sasols high safety standards and practices.

All incompatible mechanical components were removed and replaced with realistic ones. A complete heating circuit and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) control system was replaced. The control panel was rewired from scratch and panel redesigned to operate via a PLC, manual switches, automated inputs and a mimic panel.

Contrary to the previous system all functionality is now controlled by the PLC using inputs from the field, control panel or SCADA to operate the plant. In addition, the rudimentary SCADA interface was redrawn to accurately reflect the plant layout as well as all controllable and manual systems. Animations, alarm systems, advanced control loops and critical interlocks were also added.

The plant now has the capability to operate via field controls, manual controls on the mimic panel, manual setting on the SCADA or in a fully automated mode.

As a result of Midlands EIT professional and efficient work, Sasol has contracted Midlands to design and construct a distillation column that simulates separation as an addition to the training facility to afford students with a basic insight of distillation. This addition forms part of the total package delivered to Sasol by Midlands EIT.